Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bjorn Bears - Christmas quilt number 2

If you read the last post, you know I had a request by my youngest two to replace their very outgrown quilts with new ones this Christmas. I had to admit it was reasonable since their old quilts are both toddler size and they are most certainly not!

Evan's quilt was also an Elizabeth Hartman pattern, Bjorn Bears.
If you look up her pattern, you'll see she does the bears in rainbow solids. But I didn't think my very cool 15 year old would be okay with rainbow bears. So I tried to up the cool factor a bit by making my bears into black, white and grey bears. (There is also a spotted bear in there that my friend Donna calls a 'leopard bear'.)

I also turned the darling optional glasses into some sweet shades - with the help of my guild friends, who donated various reflective fabric scraps for my sunglass lenses.  Pretty fly, dontcha think? (Do kids even say 'fly' anymore?)

I also ordered a minky backing for this quilt. Love the cuddliness and the great texture, hate the shedding and stretching. At least on this one I didn't have to fit bits of fluff coming up through to the
top in the needle holes.

As her others, this is a great pattern. And lends itself to some chain piecing. I made all the nose units at once which sped things up a bit. At least it felt that way. Good instructions. I appreciate that. Nothing like frustration free patterns when you are up against a Christmas deadline.

I did another all over design for the quilting. All freehand on my Innova.  I call this one hedgehog curls. It's a variation of one of the talented Tracey Russell's designs.

Oh, and for comparison, here is the quilt this one replaced:
Eight years ago. He was in first grade. I'm still pretty proud of this quilt. At the time, this was pretty advanced for me and I rocked it. But it's laughably small for my tall freshman boy.

And yes, he liked it. Not as exuberantly as his 11 year old younger brother but what can you expect from a cool teenage boy? He is grateful kid though and was sure to thank me for making him a new quilt. Can't ask for more than that, right?


  1. This one is great, too!!
    What about using undiluted liquid starch to tame the minky?? Not quite sure how you'd air dry such a large piece of fabric, though. hmmm... If you could figure that part out though, I should think it'd work super to greatly limit the stretch, and might help with the poking through needle holes, too. And it'll all come out in the wash, so no loss of cuddliness.
    Ok -now I'm REALLY getting back to work ;-)
    Happy quilting ~ Tracy


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