Friday, April 28, 2017

Hedgehog Post - A Quilt from Missouri Star's You've Got Mail Tutorial

Hey Quilters! Doesn't it feel great to get something out of the UFO pile? Especially if it is something that makes me smile every time I look at it.

I finished piecing this one shortly after we came back to the states from Turkey, so fall of 2013.  I used this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co. I had a layer cake and a jelly roll of Bluebird Park by Kate and Birdie Paper Co. for Moda that I was dying to use because several of the prints have cute little hedgehogs.  We had hedgehogs in Turkey that would come out at night and wander through the base housing area like little pokey potatoes. I loved them.

Anyway, the tutorial is great. Supposed to make a queen size top but I couldn't bear to leave out the spare HSTs so I made another row top and bottom. Also my piano key border, which is not included in the tutorial, is a bit wider than hers, since I used jelly roll strips rather than halved charm squares. All said and done, mine came out more of a king size at 86" by 100".

As it seemed too big for me to tackle quilting it with my domestic machine, I never finished it. And even after I got Olga (my Innova longarm) I hesitated, wanting to be pretty solid in my custom quilting skills before I tackled this one.

So when the German winter finally started giving way to spring, I decided it was time.

I really enjoyed the quilting process. Feather plumes, swirls, and double pin stripes for the envelopes surrounded by a stipple in the off blocks. And the HSTs were the perfect chance to perfect Lori Kennedy's square flower and to do some simple ruler work.

So now she's done and I get to enjoy her. I've got one more finished top sitting in that UFO pile. A fun one with yards of solid grey negative space and a lovely large braid down one side.  But I've had a couple of client quilts keeping me busy and a couple more in the queue. So it looks like I'll have a few more weeks to figure out what I'm going to do with it.

How many finished tops are in your UFO pile? And how well-aged is the oldest one?


  1. Beautiful finish :-). Love the quilting work!!!!
    - Jyothi

  2. That's a beautiful quilt Ida - I like the way you adapted the pattern to use up all of those lovely fabrics. We are always happy to see hedgehogs too - they have suffered a steep decline in numbers here in the UK.

  3. Lovely quilt and I love your quilting!! I have over 50 tops in my UFO pile and I just keep making more tops!!! I always put customer quilts in front of my quilts, so they got ignored...then I spent 9 months house/pet sitting for my deployed daughter and couldn't take my Innova across the country with me, so more tops...and the past year I have spent caring for my dad (almost 96), so more tops without my Innova!!! When I finally get home, it will take me a few years to create the backings and get everything quilted...if I don't have to make any new tops!! I miss the days when I stuck with a quilt until it was bound and labeled before moving on to another quilt!

  4. Beautiful!! And beautiful quilting!! (what books/videos/websites have you found especially helpful to your quilting?? I tried out an Innova at a quilt show.!! Loved it. The stitches are sooo pretty and perfect.)

    Let's see - to answer your question: I don't generally leave a quilt top sitting around. I basted one today, and have 2 more tops in progress that I should be able to finish in a couple of weeks (I don't normally work on so many at a time, but I'm doing a sort of series...) I am also in the process of hand quilting my flowering snowball.
    The only longstanding WIPs I have are a long term EPP project that I only work on every once in awhile - when no other hand work is requiring attention (doesn't happen often these days ;-) and my red and white HST quilt from a few years ago is partially quilted - both by hand and machine. I'm not happy with how I chose to do the machine quilting (with a walking foot, because I wasn't confident enough to FMQ the design I wanted) and once I tried wool and bamboo batting, well - I have zero desire to slog through hand quilting with Warm and White batting ever again!! So I'm really not sure what to do with it...

    (I'm so happy you are posting again!! I do enjoy IG (more than I thought I would) but blogs still offer a bigger peek :-)
    Happy Quilting ~ Tracy

  5. This is a gorgeous quilt Ida! Beautiful quilting!

  6. I love the quilting, great finish!


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