Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Happy" - A Cheater Panel quilt

This is number two of Olga the Innova's offspring, so to speak.  Once I finished Turkish Poppies, I loaded another of the simple practice quilts I had prepared for my first weeks with my new longarm.

This one was a bright and cheerful cheater panel called Rhapsody Bop by Adornit Fabrics.  I ordered it here from Fort Worth Fabric Studio. It cost me all of $7.

There was a method to my cheapness  madness though.  I knew a cheater panel would give me lots of different shapes and styles of 'blocks' to quilt. And a chance to practice ruler work while I stitched all the faux ditches. And that is pretty much how it went. Triangles, squares, skinny rectangles - this panel had it all.

Here's a shot of the back, a pretty Ana Davis blender that matched my Omni thread wonderfully.
Quilt facts: finished at 47" by 43". Single layer cotton Quilter's Dream batting. Omni and Bottom line thread by Superior Thread. No intended recipient so will probably go to charity.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Meet Olga the Innova and Turkish Poppies, her first quilt

Remember back when I tried out my friend Vicki's longarm to quilt New Beginnings and she was trying to convince me to get one of my own?

Meet Olga, my new 26 inch Innova Longarm with Lightning Stitch. She's so boss! Hubs and I drove to Albuquerque to get her and some training on how to assemble, maintain, and use her. Then she came home with us and took up residence in our newly built loft. Learning to use her has been fun, and only a little scary.

Her name is Olga because she will be sharing studio space with my Husqvarna Viking whose name is Helga. But you have to say Olga the Innova with a Swedish accent {think the Swedish chef from the Muppet Show.}

Before heading to Albuquerque to get Olga, I had prepared several simple quilt tops to practice on once I got her set up. The first of these was just a large piece of Turkish fabric. Remember that Turkish cottons are about 96 inches wide so this had several faux borders on either side of the main print. I cut it down to just two borders on each side and came up with this:

The red binding is made from one of the sections I cut off and the backing is another bit of Turkish cotton in some fun coordinating colors.

I did swirls in the pink border, a long feather in the grey border, and graffiti quilting in the main flower print. I do LOVE graffiti quilting.

It's just soooo fun to figure out what to quilt next and how to fit it all together.

I still have lots to learn. Some of my spirals were a bit on the squarish side, and my feather plumes didn't always tuck nicely back into the spine.  But on the whole, I'm pretty happy. I think Olga and I are going to be great friends!!

Quilt facts: Turkish Poppies finished at 52" by 39". I used Omni and Bottom Line thread, both by Superior Threads and a single layer of Quilter's Dream cotton batting. Fabric selvage on the poppies say it is the Sarar Collection, made in Turkey. As of now, this quilt does not have an intended recipient so it may stay around the studio for a bit as an example of graffiti quilting, and then will probably go to charity.

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