Saturday, March 12, 2016

Busy Boy Baby Quilt

Another baby quilt in the books! You know I'm a big fan of the baby quilt - they go together fast (especially when you leave yourself lots of negative play space) and they are the perfect project to try new techniques without too much commitment. Plus - babies!! Right? 

I wanted to play with a new toy for this quilt - the Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful. Have you seen this? So many fun things you can do with it. I just went with a simple block to try it out.  The ruler is awesome, easy to use and also works as a square up ruler. You don't use pins when you sew the curved pieces together. That was a tad tricky but I think will get easier with practice. 

As I love to do with a baby quilt, I pieced a double row of focus blocks and then added large pieces of fabric top and bottom for negative space. In this case, I had a small scale and a medium scale of the same print and used those to border the focus blocks. 

The large scale print I quilted with Angela Walter's signature design, modifying it a little to keep the quilting scale nice and open.  I learned this design from her book, Shape by Shape and it's a keeper! I've used it on Little Guppy and Set Sail and it always looks great. 

Did you know that Angela Walters and Christa Watson have a new joint book coming out? It's called the Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting, on sale on Amazon April 19th. I'm so excited!!

For the bottom portion I did some sketchbook quilting, also called graffiti quilting, ala Sari Ditty and Darla Hall. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kind of quilting. But it's still hard for me. And practice is good. I know it is hard to see the quilting on this busy print but it is mostly just randomly put together shapes and patterns. So much fun to do, even if it does strain the brain a bit. 

The backing is the same small scale print, just in a white colorway. Honestly, my backings are not usually this coordinating, but in this case, I'm loving it. The fabric line, by the way, is Oh Boy! by FreeSpirit. 

Once I finished the project I had some fabric and some partial blocks left over. So I grabbed a pack of  pre-fold cotton diapers (okay, I ordered them from Amazon Prime but that almost the same thing) and made some custom burp cloths. 

Once those were done, I placed the quilt, the burpcloths, a plushy with coordinating book, and two meals in a jar into a wicker laundry basket. Cause you know a new baby means more laundry. 

And this baby quilt is all ready to go meet its new owner next week, a little boy named Conner born to a member of my husband's work family. 

I know I'm a bit late this week but linking to Sarah's Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?


  1. What a great way to welcome a little one to the world. Practical, useful and charming. If it were drool-resistant it would be perfect!

  2. What a sweet finish. You are so right about how satisfying a baby quilt is to make! :)


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