Friday, February 5, 2016

"New Beginnings" Quilt - Some firsts for me

Hi quilty peeps! Here's my latest:

This is the first time I've tried paper piecing. I chose a simple pattern called 'Turning Cartwheels' by Lee Heinrich, published in the October 2013 issue of Quilt Magazine.

It was a great pattern and a gentle intro to paper piecing. Just four seams per block so it worked up fast. I used Kona Coal for the background and an assortment of bright super-saturated fabrics for the pinwheels, throwing in a couple of solids for visual resting points.

The backing is some of my Turkish 96 in wide fabric. You may recognize the print from baking on this Set Sail baby quilt. I bought it in both this black and in the blue in the baby quilt.

I really love these ships. Too bad this uses up my last big chunk of this print.  Guess I need to go visit Turkey!

The choice of Turkish fabric was intentional as this quilt was made as a wedding gift for a dear friend who was stationed in Turkey with us. Since then she's been living in Tucson where I grew up and ended up marrying a great guy from a family who's connected with both my parents and my sister Michelle. Crazy small world!

I was able to attend the wedding reception back in November. I even had the top completed but I was waiting to finish it because I knew I would have a chance to do this:

Yep, that is me! (totally unaware that my picture was being taken) Quilting on a Longarm! One of my best buddies here in town let me come quilt New Beginnings on her longarm.

I was so excited that after some planning and plotting, I just dove right in and started quilting without any practice. (yes, that is kind of dumb, I don't recommend it.)

But I was smart enough to chose a pretty simple design that allowed me to move from block to block. I wasn't sure that my brain would be able to make the switch from driving the fabric to driving the needle. But I did okay.  I did find (to continue the car analogy) that quilting with a longarm is like driving a car with loose brakes, your control is a bit less. And the friction and drag of the quilt makes quilting on a domestic more like a car with tight brakes. Just a different feel.

 I was pretty happy with the consistency of my quilting throughout the quilt. The purple block in the lower left hand corner is the last block I quilted. The red in the upper left is the first.  I did go back and pick out and then requilt three of the four curly-q borders on that first red block.  But that's it.

So - Ta da! My first long arm quilted quilt.  It was so fun. And now my friend is trying to convince me to get one. Eeeeeek!

Post credits and Dedications:
Props to these cuties, who still make great quilt holders and accept payment in ice cream cones. And were brave enough to go back to the same place we encountered a good size snake while staging My Plus One quilt.

And Congratulations and many blessings to Roz and Steven Beeston, who are adorable. May you have a lifetime of love and friendship. And beyond.

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