Friday, January 29, 2016

Silver and Shadow - Michael Miller Fabric Challenge

Here's my 2015 Michael Miller Fabric Challenge creation- a mini called Silver and Shadow.

I know I'm way tardy on this challenge. And tardy on blogging as my last post was in November. But here's brief recap of some of the things that happened since November:
                     1) My big beast zombie apocalypse Excursion went into transmission death throes and                            we had to ditch it and buy a new vehicle way sooner than planned.
                     2) We found out that we are moving to Germany and thought our move date would be                              January, February or maybe March.
                     3) We frantically finished the kitchen renovation and started and eventually finished                               putting a loft into our home in preparation to sell it.
                     4) That whole Christmas/holiday thing.
                     5) Found out that -Psych!! - we aren't leaving for Germany until May. Maybe July or                               August.

So instead of feeling guilty about not living up to quilting, blogging and challenge expectations, I prefer to just say, "Life happened. I handled it. And now I'm back."

Like a lot of my quilts and minis, I designed this to give me ample negative space to play with in the quilting phase. I even used Superior Threads Silver Metallic to create additional strips in the design.

In addition to the provided Michael Miller fabric I used Kona Black and some charm squares from a Robert Kaufman pack called Sparkle.

Lots of fun textures in the quilting. A double layer of wool over cotton batting really gives it nice definition.

Here's my favorite:
Some micro-stippling around these circles make them look like sea urchins.

This mini finished at 17.5 x 27 inches. I have entered it in the Pahrump Pins and Needles Quilt and Needle Art Show.

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  1. I wasn't inspired by the fabrics--good to see you were. Always happens. I always like what other people come up with for these things.

  2. Lovely mini and I really like the way the quilting and quilting threads totally enhanced your piecing - took it up to an entirely new level!!! Good luck in the quilt show - we all want to hear about the ribbons you win!!!

  3. I love the quilt and the quilting is divine. I know what you mean about life getting in the way. Never feel pressurized into the 'blog thing'. It's your blog so post as when you feel like it xx

  4. Living and handling life quite well is a beautiful way to think about it. The quilting and ghost shapes you quilted are great! I hope that the extension of time for your move helps keep things more even keeled for you for a while.

  5. Great job. I love the concept. I haven't done anything with my fabric yet -- haven't had any inspiration.

  6. Life does have a way of happening doesn't it. Lovely quilting on the mini.

  7. Looks super! welcome back :-)
    Any tips for using the metallic thread? I'll be using some in a quilt later this year, but I admit I am a little nervous about it (I think I read once that you need a special thread holder or it would shred?)


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