Friday, August 7, 2015

Oliver FMQ Practice Mini

Here's a small finish I've managed this past week. The last of a set of three sibling/practice FMQ minis. 

I went 6 days without even turning on my machine. An unintentional quilting fast that did not make me happy! But life is busy. And life as a mom is super busy. This past week we started our birthday season (4 birthdays and our anniversary within 5 weeks)-
Starting with the baby who turned 9.
-and cramming all the last minute dentist appointment, eye exam, haircut and shopping that it takes to get this gorgeous girl ready to go back to college for her sophomore year. 
So going to miss having her home. ... And I think she wins at selfies.  
But amidst all the craziness it was nice to have a small project to work on and finish. Honestly, I didn't really try to stretch myself with this project. I just let the name take center stage and used the surrounding negative space to practice and improve some favorite designs. 

The quilting just melts into the busy, colorful back.
As I said, this is the last of a set which will go to a group of siblings. Oliver has a younger sister named Violet and a younger brother named Henry
Collectively, they have a new baby brother named Teddy who will be getting an Elephant Baby Quilt if I ever get it quilted. 

Right now in my machine is another mini - this one for a Instagram swap using text fabrics. Here's a sneak peak.
I'm loving these tiles ala Angela Walters but undecided on how to quilt the print squares. Why is it that I'm better with negative space than the actual quilt blocks? Hmm... no idea. 

Hope your summer is winding down in a joyful way. 


  1. The name minis look great and what a wonderful way to practise fmq. Life gets so busy sometimes but it's great to get even a small project finished!

  2. Love all that you have been involved with! A suggestion for the print Angela's spinning square - SID the backtrack 1/2" and aim for 1/2" from the last corner you stitched and you will end up with a square that spins and twists in on itself. It is in her last book. I use it often and just love it!

  3. The minis look absolutely fantastic. I especially love the variegated thread in Oliver's. I really need to do more quilts with solids so I can use my variegated threads to effect! Having sent much of August getting my son ready for his first year at university, I was hoping I could look forward to next year being a bit less crazy. I guess it never changes! Glad you are back at your sewing machine again. Lori@


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