Saturday, July 11, 2015

'Set Sail' Nautical Baby Quilt - Finished!

Thanks to all who paid me compliments on this quilt while it was a work in progress. It is now finished and just in time too because the baby shower is today! 

If you'd like to read about the design process and find get the link to the sailboat block tutorial I used, go back to this post. If not, keep scrolling for some detail shots.
Okay, technically this isn't a detail shot but I was pretty tickled by it since I tried really hard to create the feeling of rolling waves in my quilting to go along with the sailing theme. 

Here's the back, you can see the wave texture better here than on the dark navy front. Besides, isn't this Turkish fabric pretty awesome for this quilt?  I bought it on my last fabric shopping trip in Adana so its been aging for about two years. I love how that full ship looks like it is riding the waves. 

Still makes me super happy to use my custom labels from Spoonflower!

A closer view of the chevrons I quilted into the green negative space on top. (This picture isn't upside down, I hung the quilt over a tree. Here in the desert where there are no barns or rail fences, you have to get creative.)

Hopefully you can see the waves in the navy on this one. And the wood grain design I used to quilt the boats. I learned something from that experience - thread makes a difference!! I use Aurifil or Superior Threads and sometimes Isacord now. But when I started I was told to use Gutterman. Going back to that brand now makes me realize how much needless frustration from breakage and shredding I dealt with as a beginner FMQer. 

You can also see that I used two different bindings for this quilt. Half green and half navy. It takes a little extra work but I love the seamless look it gives those two large negative spaces; like the chevrons and waves are just running off the edge of the quilt with no interruption. I did this with four different colors on my Fall Out quilt. Two colors were much easier. 

I find it difficult to take pictures (or edit them) in a way that clearly shows the quilting. Especially with blending thread. But hopefully you can see the quilting on this close-up. I was aiming for wind gusts surrounding the sails. And I matchstick quilted both the area around the boat and the white stripes on border. That made the navy strips puff up nicely and created some fun texture. 

Okay, so it is possible that I might have over-quilted this. Maybe less detailed quilting would have been more appropriate for a baby quilt. But on the other hand, this quilt is for the little brother of the recipient of this quilt, which had a ton of negative space quilting. So they had to match, right? 

Plus, I had a lot of fun quilting it. 
Here's shot of the quilt at the baby shower. Thanks for stopping by today. Hope your weekend is going great!

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  1. Love love love that quilting and that two-tone binding!

  2. Fantastic! In my opinion, you can NEVER have too much quilting. I love it!

  3. It looks so fabulous, and I love seeing it hanging on display at the baby shower. Also, the "water" in the second photo is so fitting!

    Getting photos of detail quilting can definitely be tricky, but you did a great job here. Speaking of great job, your quilting looks amazing, and I love the thought and detail you put into selecting the patterns to use. Matching the binding around the sides is another great detail; what a lucky baby to get such a beautiful and fun quilt!

  4. What a great and innovative baby quilt! Black and white are the first colors a baby can see. Love the quilting you did on it. Consider linking to Michelle's Let's Make Baby Quilts at Thank you for linking to WIPs Be Gone - so good to see you there. I'm noq following you on Bloglovin.

  5. I do love this quilt , the contest of the navy snd lime is fantastic . Many years ago I started a four sailing boat thing but haven't finished It . It was annoying me, too tiny though I do like it . I will be borrowing your negative space and finishing It now

  6. I love the attention you've given to the quilting! It really is wonderful.

  7. The amount of detail that you put into this project just blows my mind. And the result is phenomenal. The swirls that look like wind behind the sails and the wood grain on the ship You could not have picked a more perfect backing fabric. I am standing up and clapping for your finish. Beautiful work.

  8. This is just fantastic. I love it before the quilting but now that love is on a different level. Your choice and execution of the quilting designs are perfect for this quilt and I don't think you over quilted it at all. As for the matching binding-Wow!
    Love the photos and especially the one at the baby shower. While I also find it difficult to take photos to show the quilting I think you have done a good job with that here.


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