Monday, July 27, 2015

ooxxooXoXXx Baby Quilt

Big Kiss Little Kiss baby quilt was finished in time for the shower! Actually I finished it on Thursday night so I could have time to shop, cook, clean like a mad woman, and decorate. Oh, and take a few pictures of the quilt before popping it into its tissue-festooned gift bag.

 I included a quick and dirty tutorial of sorts in my WIP post for this quilt so you can jump back to that is you want an explanation of how I put it together.

I found a great Dear Stella print at my LQS for the backing. I would have loved to piece in a row of charms from the Lucy's Crab shack pack I started with but time demanded that I do simple, non-pieced backing. I was amazed though at how well the grey thread quilting blended into this backing. The thread was just a shade or two lighter than the charcoal solid I used for the front. But you can hardly see the quilting on the back at all! In fact, while still blending fairly well, I think the quilting was more visible on the back than on the front.

 This is my favorite little quilting detail - a cute four petal flower between the kiss blocks.

This shot is after I washed the quilt. The texture just makes me giddy! I wanted the quilting to create hugs to go with the kisses so I chose spiraled circles joined by wavy lines.  Every so often (7 times in fact) I traced a perfect circle with my disappearing ink marker and the top of a tin I keep my measure tape in and quilted around it. So I got my hugs in and some really great way line texture as well.

As you can see from the label, (and this post title) the actual name is ooxxooXoXXx - a direct quote from Nacho Libre. Go watch the movie. You'll hate me for 2 hours but then you'll be quoting it forever. For example, we can never have tortilla chips at our house now without someone reminding us that "These are the Lord's chips!" The parents-to-be are big Nacho fans so they appreciated the reference.

I also gave away this mini to the soon to be big sister along with a teddy bear. Hailey's favorite color is blue so I did well on that score. Mom sent me a picture later that day of her watching TV with her new bear friend, who was seated in the center of the mini quilt.

A bit of honesty here - hosting events at my house stresses me out. My innate gifts don't really extend to party planning and flawless hostessing. So I was running around at the last minute trying to get fruit and veggies out onto platters and tape up fluffy tissue paper decoration things and make sure I had enough pencils for the hopefully-not-stupid party games and so forth. I completely ran out of time to use the helium tank and balloons I bought for the occasion in matching colors. But stress and last minute panic attacks notwithstanding, I think the shower went pretty well. And I did pull off two little cute things that I'm rather proud of:
This was my table centerpiece. I hung the fluffy tissue things above it with spiral streamer things coming down from them. Hopefully they looked like rain coming down on this sweet paper parasol.

Update* The day after the shower, one of my children was messing with examining this lovely creation and ended up knocking it onto the tile floor. My favorite vase shattered into a billion pieces.

And these are what is left of a caprese salad tray. Fresh mozzarella slices topped with basil leaves from my front porch, half a grape tomato and olive held together with a dab of hummus.  The spots are a thick pomegranate syrup called Nar that we dressed salads with in Turkey. Aren't they darling?

So now what is on my quilt to do list? One more practice/sibling quilt, three more minis for swaps, and finishing my elephant baby quilt. But it feels good to be done with this quilt. And this baby shower.

Thanks for coming by today!


  1. I love the quilt and the quilting is fabulous. I'm so sorry your favourite dish has been smashed. It looked amazing as the table decoration though

  2. It turned out fabulous!!! (no surprise, but still fun to see :-) I get totally stressed hosting things too. Mostly because I am slow and everything takes twice as long as I plan for it to, and I'm a mess when I don't have margin. (If all of your food stuff was even half as cute as your caprese ladybugs - mercy - you overworked yourself!) I'm so sorry your vase got broken : /


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