Thursday, July 9, 2015

FMQ Borders Practice Mini - Violet

For this practice mini/sibling quilt I decided to work on borders. Borders have always intimidated me a bit and I end up doing something boring with them. But armed with Angela Walter's books, Shape by Shape and Free Motion Quilting, I marked some horizontal lines on this mini and got stitching.

I drew on Violet's name and then filled in that largest border first with the lovely flower filler. I'm getting pretty comfortable with that one now.

I also tried out the herringbone pattern which was simple and quick to sew. I marked two inch sections with disappearing ink before I started.

I'm most pleased with this Dot to Dot border from the Shape by Shape book. I used it in my Little Guppy baby quilt but this time I tried one of Angela's suggestions to fill in the inside triangle and then I really got in over-achieve mode and filled in the outside triangles as well.

The Swirl Chain in the larger section is one I've tried before but I'm still getting the hang of its flow, so to speak. The Wood Grain on top is new but fairly easy.

Here's a view of the back. I used the same King Tut Variegated thread on the top but this time tried a thin Superior Highlights 40 wt for the bobbin. I wanted it to blend a bit better with the print on the back and since the blue color was one of the colors in the variegated, I wasn't too worried about little thread pokes on the top. The combination worked beautifully.

This will go with the larger elephant quilt (if I can manage to finish that before the baby turns one!) but there are two other sibling mins that need to accompany it. Good thing there are still a few designs in Angela's books that I haven't tried yet!

Linking up to Kelly's Needle and Thread Thursday, who was kind enough to feature my Nautical Baby Quilt in this week's linky. Thanks Kelly!


  1. I love your big swirly wave quilting -- that would be so cool on a Storm at Sea. Or on your Nautical baby quilt, for that matter, which I saw on NTT and absolutely adore. Glad to have found you!

  2. That is really fantastic. I love the filled herringbone pattern and the use of variegated thread. I often wonder the best way to use my variegated threads, and this is a great example.

  3. goodness me, I am so so impressed. This really leaves me with so much quilting envy.

  4. It's wonderful! Isn't FMQ fun? Love your mini to show it off.


  5. Beautiful quilting!! I love Angela's books - and she teaches in person and on craftsy the same way!!! Her books never make it to my bookcase - they sit on the table of my longarm for easy reference!!!!!

  6. I really like the swirl chain design by Angela. I did a lot of drawing on paper before I got brave enough to try quilting it; yours looks great here! The dot to dot section with filled in areas is also quite inspiring. :)

  7. I love the quilting on this. Makes me want to do another wholecloth quilt

  8. Your quilting looks great. Are you using an ordinary domestic machine?


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