Friday, July 3, 2015

Elephant Mini Finish

I seem to have a bad habit of finishing projects in the reverse order of their deadlines.  You all remember I'm working on two elephant projects, right? One is a baby blanket for a baby who is already a couple of months old. And the other is a mini for an IG swap whose shipping deadline isn't until the end of the summer. So which one do I finish first? The mini, naturally. 

Oh well. At least now I'm well practiced in quilting this design when I get around to finishing the baby quilt.  

I used a double layer of batting this time - cotton under a wool. First time I've ever used a wool batting. I love the weight it gives to the piece and the extra loft of the two layers. Totally a fan. 

I wasn't sure how to quilt the elephant and ended up just quilting around the blue balls in a navy thread to bring them out. It gave some fun lumpy texture to the elephant but was a bit tricky and made me wish I had stitched down the elephant in the navy rather than a light blue because any travel stitching I needed to do really stuck out.  In fact - not by way of apologizing for my work or pointing out its flaws, but more in the line of what I learned from this project - I wish I would have done all my applique stitching after I had it sandwiched rather than before.  

As it is I ended up doing a lot of close echo stitching around each splash just to get them to puff up. Stitching them down after sandwiching would've accomplished that on its own. So  - lesson learned.

But I still totally love this and am super happy with how it turned out.  This is my first swap and I'm a bit intimidated by the talent of my partner. But now that I have this finished I'm feeling more confident about sending it to her. Maybe that was why I finished this project first?  Hmmm. . . there could be a whole branch of quilter psychology, you know? Or would it be quilter psychopathy?

Anywhoo, the fabric line is Figures by Zen Chic Moda which I also used for the backing -

The mini finished at roughly 20 in square. 

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  1. What a wonderful mini! I'm sure the IG swap recipient will be very happy. Love the fabric and your quilting. The double layer of batting has created amazing texture!

  2. Oh wow! Beautiful finish indeed! I really love the texture of the quilting, just gorgeous!

  3. What a fab mini! I am sure that your partner will love it, I certainly would :)

  4. It looks great and I love how it shows up on the back of the mini as well.

  5. Gorgeous. I'm sure your swap partner is going to love it. Your quilting is great-love your choice of designs.

  6. Your elephant mini is amazing! Your partner is going to love it!

  7. What a fabulous quilt! Great design, great color balance. What's the wool batting like? lighter in weight? And I absolutely love the quilting. Great decisions!

  8. This is adorable!!! Love the quilting...the back looks fab too!!! I love that we learning something from each quilt we do and get to apply that to the next quilt we make. Whoever receives this one will love it!

  9. This is great. When I do a quilt like this I layer the top on a piece of batting ( but no backing) and applique my pieces on and any quilting that needs doing ON THE APPLIQUE PIECES ONLY. I then sandwich the quilt with a second piece of batting and backing as normal to quilt. This gives a great puff to the applique pieces

  10. It's adorable. I tried out wool batting for the first time, and I totally agree with you. I'll definitely be using it again.

    As for deadlines, well, they're tricky things, aren't they? I prefer self-imposed ones above all.

  11. Lovely quilt! Thank you for pointing out what you might have done differently - it's so helpful to learn these things. I think your swap partner will be thrilled to receive such a beautiful and unique piece.

  12. Ich bin ganz begeistert von deinem quilt
    Am liebsten würde ich ihn gleich nachmachen
    Grüße aus Deutschland

  13. Gosh you are well ahead time wise with your swap . The appliqué and quilting worked really well

  14. Fabulous mini! What a thrill for you swap partner to receive.


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