Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Big Kiss Little Kiss WIP

Currently I'm working feverishly on the third baby quilt, no wait - fourth, baby quilt within a two month period. Really, I think I just need to make a stash of baby quilts ready for next summer! This one is for a shower being held at my house, hosted by me, this Saturday. So I'd better get busy and get it finished!

Here is the flimsy, which is as far as I've gotten. I called it Big Kiss Little Kiss, which is a Nacho Libre reference. What? You're not into goofy humor movies?

I started with a charm pack of Lucy's Crab Shack and two yards of Kona Charcoal. I had a specific color scheme in mind so I chose 20 charms in the orange and navy colors. Then after cutting 40 2.5 in squares from the grey, I made five Kiss blocks.
I tried the Jenny Doan's tip of pressing the grey squares to create my sewing line instead of having to mark them all. Worked great!
Here's one kiss block finished. I stitched the five blocks one on top of the other to create a strip of big kisses.
Then I made little kisses by cutting 2.5 inch squares from an orange solid and 1.25 squares from the grey.
These squared up to 4.25 inches. I cut five strips of that width from my grey solid and inserted the strips at random levels so they would appear scattered over the quilt.

The rest of the grey I cut at random widths to place between by little kiss strips. I sewed one thick strip to the left of my big kiss strip and then stacked the remaining strips to the right.

I'm debating tracing large and small circles onto the quilt to outline during the quilting stage. Then it would be Kisses and Hugs!  We'll see. I have enough orange left to bind the quilt.  I think a grey binding would look more modern but I used all my grey and don't have time to get more. So orange it is!

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  1. There are so many great quotes in that movie! (it's rather painful to watch, though ;-)
    I am excited to see what quilting magic you work on this one; I'm sure it will be fabulous!!

  2. I think an orange binding will look great with this quilt top. It will be fun to see what you choose for the quilting; the O's sound like a fun idea but also like a lot of thread burying work...

  3. Love the ginger kisses , reminds me of yummy biscuits I had in New Zealand
    Good idea to iron the sewing line

  4. I love the Lucy's Crab Shack fabric. I have a UFO floating around somewhere made out of it. I'm excited for the negative space magic you will come up with for this one. It's a really fun little quilt.

  5. Great quilt. THanks for the tip on pressing the squares. THis might make my life a lot easier in the future

  6. This is a great baby quilt. Hope you get it done by Saturday. The tiny orange kisses are lovely, and I also appreciate the tip.

  7. it's looking really good! I like your idea for quilting in circles, I think that would work really well. I also like the plan to bind in orange.


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