Thursday, June 4, 2015

Teacher Gift Mug Rug

Two years ago when we were stationed in Turkey and my youngest was attending the DoD school on base, a friend and I collaborated on this teacher gift:

The pattern is from Melissa Cory at Happy Quilting. 
 It was frankly a pretty awesome thing to pull off and it was for a really awesome teacher. You can read about it in this post.

But here is the problem.  It set the bar rather high.

Fast forward to the end of this year. Life is c-razy. I've got LV Modern Quilt Guild stuff I'm in charge of or helping out with, a church variety show I'm performing in and in charge of refreshments for, family coming to stay, friends visiting town, end of school class parties and hubby's work parties,
parties and GNOs for friends who are moving away soon,  etc, etc, etc.  I feel like I've been rushing from one event to the next all the while harboring the anxiety that I'm probably forgetting something but can't take the time to figure it out what it is.

I know, I know. You're all thinking that I clearly didn't take my Dramamine this morning. Cuz I just need to keep that drama to myself and not be sharing it all over the place. Point taken.

But I'm setting the stage.  Two days ago, my 3rd grader comes to me with a list of colors written out on a notebook page. "These are Mrs. ______'s favorite colors," he tells me.
"That's nice," I respond, slightly distracted.
Undaunted, he presses on: "So you can make her a quilt."
And now he has my full attention.

Clearly he is still young enough that he thinks I have magical powers.  Oh, how I wish.

But with a slightly embellished description of the wonders of  mug rugs as gifts, I manage to pull myself back from the edge of the 'disappointing mommy' abyss. And then I get to work.

A quick scrap fabric pull that includes my very last Eric Carle Grouchy Ladybug fussy cut square and (ironically) some leftover strips from that bookshelf teacher quilt, and I've got a mug rug.

Here's the back:

Yes I was finished up the binding this morning before school (today is the last day) but it got done!

I was going to pair this with a Starbucks gift card but since drinking hot liquids in Nevada summer temperatures has been known to cause spontaneous combustion, I opted for a Coldstone Creamery card instead. Popped that and a little explanation tag of what a mug rug is into a gift bag and I was redeemed!

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  1. What an awesome idea...wonder if I could pull it off for the end of June when my kids are done school.

  2. Wow! you're doing all those things AND you managed to write an entertaining post - you DO have magical powers!


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