Saturday, April 4, 2015

New Blog! Same Me.

Hi quilty friends. So if you're here you know that I've started a new blog just for my quilting adventures. My other blog, was a lovely conglomeration of quilting, travels during our year living in Turkey, military life and life as a mom of 5 kids.  I'm keeping that blog up and will still write about military and family life. (And travel, if we get stationed overseas again. Fingers crossed.) But I felt like it was time to give my quilting its own home.

So welcome to that home! I hope you will look around and decide to stay. I'd love to have your follow my blog either by email or on bloglovin.

You'll notice that several of the posts have an original post date in the title. These are the posts that I imported from my other blog. So the dates in the title will help you know when those quilts were finished and first blogged about. And hopefully to avoid confusion. (I'm not living in Turkey now.)

Blog posts seem bleak without photos so here are a few pics of quilts you will find in my other posts. If you like them, I hope you will take the time to read the original posts.

Quilting gives me a lot of satisfaction. As I said in my profile, it is a way to create something permanent in a life that doesn't have much of that. It has also brought me some amazing friends. Here's to quilting!

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