Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Plethora of Pouches

I was really hoping to get my wonky fish baby quilt quilted and bound and ready to show off for Finish Friday. But. . . . it just didn't happen.  I spent the last couple of days making these owl zip pouches instead.

They are going to be filled with goodies and used as game prizes at an upcoming owl-themed baby shower. (For which the aforementioned MUST be finished.)

I have a few weeks before the shower but I decided to spend my time on the pouches because they were a great opportunity to practice some new FMQ techniques.

I followed the same basic construction in my improv piecing zip pouch tutorial but instead of piecing with scraps I just started with a half yard quilt sandwich with owls and pink solid.

You can't see the quilting very well on the owl side but check this out:
Pretty cool pattern, huh?  I recently ordered Angela Walter's Shape by Shape book and this is one of her negative space designs.  I totally love it.  I'm considering using it on the dot part of my wonky charm baby quilt. So the practice on this was really helpful.

Once it was all quilted I cut it into 10 rectangles and proceeded with the construction. The only snag I ran into was on the first bag I didn't like how it looked after I boxed the corners.  It was too squatty. So I went back and took in another 1/4 inch on the corner box seams and then it stood up taller.

Can you see the difference? The picture on the right is after taking in another quarter inch.

I have to admit, as cute as those owls are, I really love the pink side and almost wish I had sewn them with that side out.

I'm planning on a few more practice session with Angela's book.  She gives great tips and has some amazing designs I never would have thought of on my own much less figured out how to create.

In other news: I got my quilting T-shirts (Wonky and I Quilt so I Don't Kill People) and my thread cone holder in the mail today from Massdrop.  So excited! Massdrop is pretty awesome! You should check them out. So now I can use those huge cones I bought on my field trip to Superior Threads and look pretty dang cute while doing so!

Also, my friend Vicki of Orchid Owl Quilts and I are hosting a mini quilt swap on Instagram.  The theme is text fabrics. Sign-ups open Friday, May 1st and are limited in number so if you want to participate, find me on IG, idaratherbequilting, and click on the link in my profile.  It will take you to the google form to sign up.

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  1. What cute little pouches! I love the owl print, but that awesome quilting really shines on the pink background.

    1. Yeah, I was kind of sad to use the black side. But it did give it some nice texture.

  2. That quilting is awesome. I have that book and I love browsing it for new ideas. Great little pouches!

    1. Thanks Jennie. It is a great book. I'm anxious to try lots of the ideas.


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